Pay it Forward: Beyond Your Property Line

Chapter 9

I was eight years old when John F. Kennedy gave his famous speech, stating, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." Even at that young age, I felt the words stir something inside me. I found myself inspired even though I was not sure exactly how they applied to me. I am now amazed at how that statement shaped my life and my sense of purpose.

I've always felt driven to make a difference and to help others. I've been labeled a "do-gooder" and at times a "sap" for my sincerity (neither was meant as a compliment), but I refuse to change how I feel about the environment and our obligation to be good stewards of our earth. I am hopeful that the simple act of changing our front landscapes, one yard at a time, can also bring about powerful and positive changes for our families, our neighborhoods, and our communities.

Expanding the Vision—10 years from now…

As I walk out onto the front steps, my nose is tickled by the scent of the fragrant kiwi vines climbing the trellis just off my porch. It shades the entryway nicely in the summer, yet allows for gentle sunlight as it sheds its leaves and goes dormant in the winter.

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