Sample Questions For Interviewing Contractors

Questions to Ask a Contractor
When you are searching for a contractor to install your garden, there are a number of basic questions you should ask regarding the quality of their work and their commitment to sustainability:

Ask for 2-3 references for similar projects and ask:

  • What work did they complete?
  • Were you pleased with the end result? Why or why not?
  • Were they timely in completing the work?
  • Did they keep you well informed about progress and what to expect?
  • Was the foreman and crew professional in their demeanor?
  • Did the crew maintain a clean construction site?
  • Did they recycle materials, such as paving, plant trimmings and debris?
  • Did they use natural, organic fertilizers and amendments?
  • Did they install a water-conserving irrigation system that does not spill onto adjacent paving?
  • Did they recommend organic compost and mulch?

Green Tip

Also ask the contractors, in addition to holding the necessary licenses and insurance to perform the work,
if they've received any training or certifications in sustainable installation and maintenance practices.

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