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Calculating Sun/Shade Patterns

When analyzing your yard, it is important to calculate the sun/shade patterns. So far, using the guidelines on page 34 of The New American Front Yard you have completed steps one and two. The first is creating a scaled plan and section of your house to measure and draw the lines for your personal sun/shade patterns. The second is to establish the orientation of your home, meaning its relationship to north, so you can calculate the shadow patterns around your house.

The third step in calculating your sun/shade patterns is to Identify your Latitude. The sun's angle and orientation throughout the year will vary based upon the latitude where you live. Using the charts below, select the latitude that is closest (north or south) to your location. Click on the image to expand and find your latitude and location options. Note the angle and azimuth information for Summer, Winter and Spring/Fall.

Sun/Shade Charts

Spotlight Image

Sun Shade Chart2

To finish calculating your sun/shade patterns head back to page 35 of The New American Front Yard and complete steps 4 through 7.

The information found on this page correlates to Chapter 2 of The New American Front Yard: Kiss Your Grass Goodbye! If you would like more information about the book or this chapter please click here.



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