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is a compelling manifesto, a visionary design manual, and a practical do-it-yourself guidebook for front yard transformation.

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    Welcome to Kiss Your Grass Goodbye.com – a web-based resource for transforming our turf-centric landscapes into exciting, colorful, eco-friendly and restorative spaces. Why replace your lawn? The reasons are many, and are detailed in the The New American Front Yard: Kiss Your Grass Goodbye! by Sarah Carolyn Sutton, Tendril Press publisher. Increasing water shortages, and concerns for the long-term health and environmental effects of the many herbicides and pesticides commonly used to maintain turf lawns are but a few of the reasons Ms. Sutton created her book (click to learn more about the book and a sneak peak inside.

    This website is a virtual companion and resource for The New American Front Yard, with resources, lists, a photo gallery and recipes, including Purslane Salsa.

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